Industrial Design
Keigley & Co. will move your project from concept to reality. Our expertise in AutoCAD design, relationships with equipment manufacturers and experience in handling diverse materials will provide you with the best solution whether you're planning a small retrofit or a complete new plant.


Receiving, storage, conveying, bulk load-out, dust systems and aeration


New Grain Facilities:

  • Tri-Cities Grain, Pasco, WA: Provided 20,000 bph receiving Hi Roller conveyors, enmasse drag conveyors and a 40,000 bph barge loading Hi Roller conveyor for a new barge loading facility on the Snake River. Project included a new complete Kice dust system and ground storage systems.
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Retrofitted Grain Facilities:

  • Agri-Northwest, Plymouth, WA: Retrofitted existing grain facility to receive 110 car shuttle trains of corn at 40,000 bph with 50' long under rail Intersystems receiving drag conveyor, 40,000 bph Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors and Schlagel 40,000 bph bucket elevator leg with 300 hp drive, electric gates, valves and automatic rail car gate opener.
  • Morrow County Grain Growers, Irrigon, OR: Retrofitted existing elevator with new reclaim Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyors for barge loading.
  • Lansing Grain, Bliss, ID: Extending a previous job with new 40,000 bph enmasse drag and Hi Roller enclosed belt conveyor.

110 Railcar Loading Facilities:

  • Columbia Grain Intl, Harlem, MT: Provided 15,000 bph receiving leg and enmasse drags and 40,000 bph lower Hi Roller enclosed belt and Schlagel 40,000 bph leg to a Compuweigh 50,000 bph bulkweigher complete with plant automation for a 110 railcar loading facility.
  • Columbia Grain Intl, Wolfpoint, MT: Providing receiving conveyors at 15,000 bph and lower reclaim Hi Rollers at 40,000 bph and an Intersystems 50,000 bulkweigher complete with automation for a 110 railcar loading facility.

Retrofitted Aeration Systems:

  • Cenex-Harvest States, Kennewick, WA: Retrofitted existing million bushel flathouses with aeration, ducting and fans.

Barley Storage:

  • Busch Agricultural Resources, Fairfield, MT: System design and 15,000 and 20,000 bph enmasse drag conveyers and bucket elevator legs for storing malting barley.

Ground Storage:

  • Central Washington Grain Growers, Creston and Mansfield, WA: Providing new 12,000 bph receiving and upper enmasse drag conveyors for ground storage of wheat.

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Material handling for co-generation plants, pulp mills and ash conveying and cement


Drilling Outfall:

  • Quadco, Prudo Bay, AK: Heavy duty conveying systems for drilling outfall.

Co-Generation Plants:

  • Avista Corporation, Kettle Falls, WA Heavy duty conveying system for moving ash
  • Potlatch Corp.: Lewiston, ID Ash conveying systems using heavy duty screw conveyors and an inclined drag conveyor for precipitator salt.

Pulp Mills:

  • Inland Empire Paper Mill, Spokane, WA: Stainless steel screw conveyor systems.

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Receiving, storage, cleaning and treating


  • Northwest Grain Growers, Walla Walla, WA: Upgrade an existing seed plant with new Cimbria screen cleaner, Heide Indents, Oliver gravity table, belt conveying and complete dust system.
  • Johnson Seed, Garfield, WA: Provided Wheatland hopper bins with unloading tube augers.

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Storage, grinding, pelletizing, mixing and load-out


  • Harrah Feed Lot, Harrah, WA: Receiving and hammermill of dry corn
  • Purina, Spokane, WA: Provided Sidney sidewall return drag conveyors for pellets
  • Cow Palace, Sunnyside, WA: Receiving and hammermill of dry corn

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Bag filter systems, cyclone systems, bin vent systems, duct work and receiving pit dust control


  • Dust systems for Tri-Cities Grain, Ritzville Warehouse, Columbia Grain Intl, Northwest Grain Growers seed plant and a recent retrofit for Columbia County Grain Growers at Lyons Ferry, WA.

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Conveying, mixing, load-out and storage


  • Mixer for Colfax Grange Supply
  • Sackett paddle mixer for McGregor, Eltopia, WA.
  • Stainless steel legs and belt conveyors for McGregor, Saddle Mountain Supply and Wilbur Ellis

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Full floor, retrofit, fans, ducting


  • Retrofit aeration systems: Central Washington Grain Growers, Northwest Grain Growers
  • Outside Grain Piles: Northwest Grain Growers, Ritzville Warehouse
  • Aerate existing tanks: Co Ag, Central Washington Grain Growers, Cenex
  • Aerate existing tank with in-floor ducting: Lewis and Clark Terminal

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Wheatland Bin

Wheatland Bins

We provide hopper bottom bins up to 5,000 bushels and 14.5' diameter as a preferred dealer of Wheatland bins. Built tough in Alberta Canada, Wheatland hopper bottom storage bins have an exterior and interior powder coat finish that helps prevent corrosion and ensures smooth cleanout with no hang-ups. Though used mainly for grain, dry fertilizer and feed, these multi-purpose bins can be customized for storing any flowable commodity.

To learn more about hopper bottom bins, please visit our preferred manufacturer:

Corrugated Steel Bins

We offer complete design and equipment supply for building corrugated steel bins. Hopper bottom bin designs can store up to 50,000 bushels while flat bottom designs can store up to 500,000 bushels.

To learn more about corrugated steel bins, please contact us.

Ground Storage

We design complete conveying and aeration systems for ground storage of grains.


  • Wheatland bins with overhead structural support: Washington Producers, Basin City, Cow Palace, Harrah Feed Lots, Wilbur Ellis, Co Ag, Johnson and Johnson Seed
  • Ground storage facilities: Tri-Cities Grain, Ritzville Warehouse, Central Washington Grain Growers, Northwest Grain Growers

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