Equipment Supply
Keigley & Company offers complete equipment supply from the best known manufacturers. Our long-standing relationships with manufacturers insure we provide you with the best solution. Below is a short list of our most popular equipment and suppliers. Please contact us anytime for a free quote. For custom equipment, Keigley & Company's Custom Fabrication Shop will handle your needs.



Aeration Systems Sukup, Scafco
Barge Winches Keigley & Co.
Belting Goodyear
Bins Scafco, Wheatland Bins
Bin Level Indicators 4B, BinMaster
Bulk Scales Intersystems, CompuWeigh, CompuWatt
Cleaning Equipment Please contact us
Distributors Hayes & Stolz, Custom Metal FAB
Dust Control, Filters, Cyclones, Fans Kice Industries, Murphy Rodgers
Drag Conveyors Intersystems, Sidney, Schlagel, Superflo
Gates & Valves Keigley & Co., Schlagel
Electric Lineal Actuators Andco
Elevator Buckets Tapco, 4B, Maxi-Lift
Elevator Legs Schlagel, Universal Industries , Intersystems
Enclosed Belt Conveyors Hi Roller
Fans & Blowers Sukup, Scafco
Gear Boxes Dodge, Falk
Hazard Monitoring Systems 4B, Rolfes
Hopper Bottom Bins Wheatland Bins, Scafco
Manlifts & Hoists Sidney Manufacturing
Moisture Testers GAC
Motors Toshiba, US, Teco, Reliance
Portable Belt Conveyors Rapat, Speedking
Sampling Equipment Intersystems
Screw Conveyors Screw Conveyor Corporation, Martin
Speed Monitors 4B, Electrosensors
Temperature Systems Rolfes, CompuWatt
Urethane Wear Lining Rhino-Hyde
Vibrating Conveyors Please contact us