Conveying Systems
We offer complete design, equipment supply and service for all conveying systems no matter which agricultural or industrial material you're handling. Our expertise will provide you with the best equipment solution for barge loading, truck receiving, truck load-out, high-speed rail loading or transloading.


Screw conveyors are the most versatile conveying system and an excellent choice for abrasive materials. Our warehouse stocks standard screw conveyor components from 6" - 24" diameter. We have a wide range of equipment available to suit your specific material:
  • Stainless steel screw conveyors
  • Wear resistant screw conveyors
  • Tube augers

To learn more about screw conveyor equipment we have available, please visit our preferred manufacturer:
 Screw Conveyor Corporation

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Belt conveyors are an excellent choice for gentle handling and identity preservation. Keigley & Co. has extensive experience in designing belt conveyor systems that are low or high throughput, horizontal or inclined and open or enclosed.
  • High capacity systems up to 60,000 bushels per hour
  • Low capacity systems for seed and processing industries
  • Low horsepower requirements offer energy efficiency
  • Workplace safety and dust control with closed systems
  • Total cleanout for handling multiple products on the same system

To learn more about enclosed belt conveying equipment, please visit our preferred manufacturer:

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Drag conveyors are low maintenance, offer multiple discharges and suit a variety of different materials.
  • Larger capacity in small, cross-sectional spaces
  • Bend-up sections up to a 45 degree angle
  • Available with abrasion resistance liners
  • Self cleaning and low maintenance
  • Moves product in-mass for low product damage
  • Flush-mount intermediate discharges

To learn more about drag conveying equipment, please visit our preferred manufacturers:
 Sidney Manufacturing Company

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Pneumatic conveyors handle fine materials like seed, flour, plastic pellets, dust or powders with ease.
  • Total cleanout
  • Horizontal or vertical conveying
  • Long lengths
  • Multiple position conveying

To learn more about pneumatic conveying equipment, please visit our preferred manufacturer:
 Kice Industries, Inc.

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Bucket elevator legs move low or high volumes of grain, fertilizer or industrial commodities vertically. Keigley & Co. will design and supply you with the best system that meets your specific handling needs.
  • Vertical conveying from 500 bushels per hour to 60,000 bushels per hour
  • Buckets available in polyethylene, nylon, fabricated steel and urethane
  • Conversions of existing legs for increased capacity

To learn more about bucket elevator legs, please visit our preferred manufacturers:
 Schlagel, Inc.
 Universal Industries
 Tapco, Inc.

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